Reigate Heath Golf Club

The Windmill Club

The Reigate Heath Windmill Club is a Private Society Draw and Windmill Club members purchase a ‘share’ or ‘number’ and become a participant in the monthly draw, which take place on the last Sunday of each month.

The objective of the Windmill Club is to raise funds for items that will be beneficial to all members of Reigate Heath Golf Club.

The subscription for each number or share is £72 per annum payable in advance with the Reigate Heath Golf Club annual subscription.  Members joining the Windmill Club mid-year will be proportionately charged up until the next annual renewal. 

Approximately 50% of the total subscriptions are allocated to raise funds for items that will be beneficial to all members of the Club, the balance is allocated to the prize fund, currently awarded as follows:

Monthly 1st prize £225.00
Monthly 2nd prize £75.00
Monthly 3rd prize £35.00

Since its inception in 1992, The Windmill Club has provided many extra items for the benefit of Reigate Heath Golf Club members, as detailed below:

2005 Alterations & Refurbishment of Dining Room                     6,000
2006 Patio Furniture                                                                    822
2006 Extension of Side Terrace                                                2,295
2006 PVCu Windows and Fascia for Club Cottages                 3,158
2007 Installation of Borehole and Associated Equipment            7,590
2008 New Crockery etc., Kitchen Refurb. & Bridge Tables        6,639
2008 Refurbishment of Burchells (Pro. Shop) 4,555
2010 New tables, chairs & banquettes for the Lounge (contrib.) 10,000
2011 New chairs for the Dining Room                                        2,704
2011 New tables & chairs for the Balcony                                   1,067
2011 New practice nets                                                             3,200
2012 New oven & fridges etc. for the Kitchen                              8,175
2013 New Chairs for the lounge                                                 1,278
2013 New Dining Tables for the upstairs dining room                      325
2014 Contribution to new entrance building works                       6,000
2015 New Dishwasher for the Kitchen                                        2,618
2015 New Compressor for Shoe Cleaner                                     800
2017 Contribution to dining room Refurbishment                        13,000
2019 Replacement Beer Cellar Cooling Equipment                      1,772
2020 Redecoration of Club Lounge and Bar areas                      4,600
2021 Provision of Outside Furniture                                              5,348

ITotal                                                                                           91,946

f you would like to join, please contact Vicky at

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